emf mitigation- The Future Is Here. We're Here to Help.

Serving Orange County in the mitigation of:

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Radio Frequencies (RF)

Dirty Electricity (DE)

So what exactly is happening?

 Humanity has only recently been electrified. At the turn of the 20th Century, electricity was not in every home like it is today. The telephone industry was also young, and growing. 

 Now it's Century 21. Most people in Orange County carry a phone in their pocket, and the only way to lose access to electricity in your home is to skip out on paying the monthly bill.  


 Electrosmog is the term used to describe the invisible (and often compound) radiation emitted by anything man made; from cellular towers/phones and smart meters, right down to your home's electrical wiring. This is why EMF mitigation is so important. With accurate EMF testing it becomes possible to take the steps necessary to avoid exposure in the areas you spend your time most. 

Why us?

We use some of the most advanced equipment available to measure electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), radio frequencies (RF), and dirty electricity (DE). We employ cutting edge strategies and proven methods to help you effectively mitigate the radiation in your home or workplace.