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EMF Mitigators is a measurement company. Our measurements allow us to assist our clients in mitigating the electrosmog in their environment. 

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Electromagnetic frequencies are produced wherever there is electrical current present.  As suggested by it's name, we are actually dealing with two fields; an electric field and a magnetic field. Our instruments produce accurate 3-D measurements to aide us in achieving most practical mitigation of each of these fields.

Radio Frequencies (RF)

From cell towers and smart meters, to cell phones and wireless networks, radio frequencies are all around us these days.  Our high frequency analyzers can easily identify the incoming waves and pulses, as well as trace their sources.

Dirty Electricity (DE)

Dirty Elecrticity effects more than just the picture quality of your television or the sound from your HiFi system; it is a significant contributor to electrosmog.  We have the necessary equipment to show you just how clean or dirty your electricity is; for truly accurate, 360° electrosmog mitigation.